Developer Friendly

Genesis Starter offers some insanely powerful tools straight out-of-the-box to make custom child theme development as easy as possible. This includes the modern build tool Gulp to automatically prefix, optimize & minify both CSS and JavaScript, watch your theme for changes and reload the browser, create a translation ready POT file, compress images and more. The Genesis Starter theme styles are based on the Genesis Sample theme but have been completely rethought and rebuilt from scratch to be 100% flexbox based and mobile-first. All icons and shapes have been converted to pure CSS such as the menu toggle button, meaning that no icon fonts are required. Also included are some extremely useful helper functions such as the structural wraps hook function, which adds extra hooks before and after Genesis Structural Wraps allowing a semantic and clean site structure that is not possible with the default Genesis hooks.

Schema Microdata

Corrects and adds some extra microdata for search engines

Custom Logo

Uses the Custom Logo theme feature to display a site logo instead of Custom Header

Remove Templates

Removes the unused Blog and Archive templates, as well as the unused Blog settings

Accessible Links

Enhanced read more links with accessibility improvements

RGBA Colors

Control the transparency of Customizer colors with RGBA values

Minified Styles

Minifies and compresses all inline CSS output by the Customizer controls

Social Icons

Includes a fix to enable multiple Simple Social Icons widgets with different styles

Page Header

Repositioned page titles into a “page header” section beneath the site-header

Widget Columns

Creating widgetized pages with the Genesis Widget Column Classes plugin is as easy as it gets. Simply add column classes to widgets with a dropdown select box, check whether the widget is the first of the row, and click save!

Page Builder

Genesis Starter includes a full-width Page Builder template that works perfectly with almost any page builder plugin. Simply install your favorite page builder plugin, select the “Page Builder” template and start editing.